Volunteer Board of Directors

Jennifer BagelmanGerry GaydosMel LehanFred Newhouse
Bill Pearce, SecretaryBriony PennFrances Pugh, Co-Chair
Lori Roter, TreasurerFrances Sloan SainasTom Watson, Co-Chair

TLC’s Board of Directors normally meets monthly. Members are welcome to attend the public portion of Board meetings. However, as a considerable portion of our work deals with property transactions and financing, significant portions of the agenda must be dealt with in Camera, to protect negotiations in progress.

TLC Volunteer Board Minutes available online

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 Jennifer Bagelman

Occupation: I joined UBC in January 2015 as a SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellow. Previously, I was a Lecturer in the Department of Geography at Durham University, UK. My research is situated at the intersections between geography and politics.
My research is animated by an interest in how people come together to challenge exclusionary citizenship practices. I am especially interested in how arts-based social movements are transforming established norms about citizenship, belonging, and political community. I am drawn to think about these questions in relation to the urban: how do these movements demand a ‘right to the city’ and even re-shape how we imagine our ‘urban world’ today?
Specifically, I have explored how sanctuary movements in Canada and the UK challenge and yet also deepen hostile citizenship regimes. My book ‘Sanctuary City: A Suspended State’ reveals how sanctuary inadvertently holds asylum seekers in a waiting state, where their rights are indefinitely deferred. In this book I examine, how can this be otherwise?
My current SSHRC-funded research explores the experiential geographies of emergency food provisioning from the perspectives of migrant and Indigenous communities living in Vancouver and Vancouver Island. As part of this work my sister (Carly) and I have co-founded Gather – a non profit organisation that develops resources with community to challenge food security discourses that silence groups identified as ‘at risk’. Gather co-designs visual tools, such as ‘critical cookbooks’ and ‘participatory picturebooks,’ in an effort to nourish more equitable foodscapes.

 Gerry Gaydos

Gerry Gaydos works as a promoter of electric vehicles (EVs) and solar energy technologies to help us move beyond fossil fuels. He is acutely aware of the need to preserve the natural systems of the planet that support our tenancy here.
Gerry loves to visit ancient landscapes and sacred wild places where the majesty of nature reminds him of the temporary nature of our tenure on this planet. Places that we have a responsibility to preserve for future generations of all species. Most of those visits involve a road trip. His electric vehicle has the capacity to take him on those trips around Vancouver Island, without carbon emissions. He often shares this advantage with others who work to protect those places.
In 2006 Gerry founded “Funkymoto,Electrifying Vehicles” to convert sports cars into compelling electric cars. Though the venture was cut short by the economic meltdown of 2007/2008, Gerry gained a valuable and robust network of green-tech and personal connections, all of which he leverages to help motorists discover the benefits of electric drive and solar energy so they too can pull away from the pumps for good.
Gerry and his RAV4EV currently volunteer with local organizations who work for positive social change and environmental justice. He’s a past member of the EAA, Silicon Valley, and Plug-in America and he is the Founder of DriveElectricVictoria, local EV owners who share their cars to promote EVs in Greater Victoria. Gerry volunteers with Dogwood Initiative, Sierra Club BC, David Suzuki Foundation, Green Peace and the Wilderness Committee, and looks forward to learning from and working for the members, staff and supporters of TLC.
As a new volunteer member of the Board of Directors of The Land Conservancy, Gerry is eager to participate in this exciting next chapter of the organization. A chapter that promises to expand and strengthen the work of TLC to protect our beautiful lands and waters with renewed vigor and fiscal wisdom.

 Mel Lehan

Mel is a long time community activist who is interested in preserving and protecting special places.  Some of his successful projects include; saving a heritage church from being torn down and then turning it into a thriving community space – St. James Community Square;  preserving the character neighbourhood of West Kitsilano by getting a bylaw to stop demolition of houses in that area;  helping to have part of the Point Grey Foreshore declared a a natural foreshore in perpetuity and thus not allowing development in this oasis of urban nature. Mel was also instrumental in bringing a Farmer’s Market to Kitsilano.

 Fred Newhouse

Occupation: Consulting Forester
Skills, knowledge and/or experience: I have extensive experience with silviculture and woodlot management and issues relating to private woodlots licensing and organization. I also have a degree in Natural Resources Management and am currently active with the Board of the Sustainable Environmental Network Society.
Interest and Vision for TLC: Although I am a relatively new member to TLC, since the beginning of the year, I have appreciated the work that TLC has done over the years and its relationship to the work I have been involved with in private woodlot management. As a member from the Interior of BC, I am particularly interested in furthering TLC’s connections and involvement in this part of the province.
Involvement with TLC: A member of TLC since January of this year.
Other Organizations: Director, Sustainable Environmental Network Society; Exec. Director, BC Federation of Woodlots (2001-4); Director & VP Consulting Foresters of BC (1997-2000); Shuswap Okanagan Woodlot Assoc (various positions).

  Bill Pearce – Secretary

Occupation: Retired Lawyer
Skills, knowledge and/or experience: I was called to the bar in Ontario in 1968. I practiced with a Bay Street law firm in my early years and in 1978 became Director of Civil Litigation with the Attorney General of B.C.  I was a sole practitioner between 2001 and 2009, was appointed a QC and had a stint as Solicitor General for Bermuda. My practice, particularly in the latter years, has focused on commercial and construction litigation. I am now happily retired but occasionally do pro bono litigation.

 Briony Penn

Residence and Occupation: Salt Spring Island; Writer/Researcher.
Your interest, vision or focus with TLC: As a Director, I will cherish and cultivate the skills, passions and contributions of members and staff that give so much to the work we all care so deeply about, and that sustain us – socially and financially. My professional work in conservation offsets will also provide new avenues for revenue generation to ensure that our legacy is protected.
Skills, knowledge and/or experience that you are bringing to the Board: Consultant to land trusts for biological inventory, communications, environmental education, including 8 years with the National Trust in Britian. PhD in Geography on land conservation; Adjunct Professor University of Victoria. Writer, researcher, broadcaster, journalist, lecturer, artist. Developing expertise in conservation offsets.
Your involvement with TLC: Founding director. Served several years on the Board of Directors; Extensive experience as volunteer, activist, attending and presenting workshops. Regular donor and holder of Conservation Covenant on family property; Worked on Stewardship Committee developing legislation for BC land trusts. Developing founding principles of TLC with other members/donors coming together to save places they loved.
Membership in other Organizations: Member of Land trust Alliance of BC; Director, Raincoast Conservation Foundation; member of Saltspring Conservancy; Environmental Advisory Committee, Islands Trust; Advisor, Child and Nature Alliance; Member, Sustainable Energy Association of B.C.

 Frances Pugh – Co-Chair

Occupation: Fruit and vegetable grower on the Saanich Peninsula
Skills, knowledge and/or experience: I bring a myriad of skills from my self employment: running a small business. As well, I have considerable non-profit organizational skills and knowledge from my role as Past Chair of the Saanich Inlent Protection Society, and from the experience of a very challenging past year on TLC’s Board of Directors.
Interest and Vision for TLC: I want to work to help TLC’s involvement in implementing the Greenspace Tax Levy passed by the CVRD. I also want to continue working for a more financially solvent TLC, to maintain and increase our membership, and to continue to support our staff and raise public profile. We need innovative campaigns to start to support past projects that need to, once again, be a focus of The Land Conservancy. Many properties need serious maintenance and upgrades. These issues need to be addressed before focusing on new acquisitions. We have to be more than just a “collector”.
Involvement with TLC: I have been a member of TLC since 2002, and a member of the Board of Directors since 2009. I am a fundraiser/supporter for the Sea to Sea Greenbelt campaign, and a proponent of the greenspace tax levies in the CRD and CVRD.
Other Organizations: Saanich Inlet Protection Society; Resident and Ratepayers of Central Saanich; Sea Change Marine Conservation Society; World Wildlife Fund; SPCA (Wild Arc); Alaskan Malamute HELP League.

 Lori Roter – Treasurer

Occupation: Researcher/Writer. Project Manager, Artist, Problem-solver and aspiring Accountant
Skills, Knowledge and Experience: I have over two decades of experience developing environmental land, water and public health policy for BC. My experience ranges from leading, coordinating and administering projects of varying sizes and scope, researching and analyzing issues to stakeholder engagement and overall human resources empowerment. I have a Masters Degree in Resources Management (Geography), Project and Risk Management Certifications enhanced with financial and accounting training from the Certified General Accountants of BC.
Interest and Vision for TLC: I have always had a strong interest in preserving our wild spaces and the fauna and flora that occupy it. I will be marrying my environmental policy and stakeholder experience with my recent accounting training and am looking forward to helping TLC draft up its next evolutionary chapter in the financial policy arena.
I envision working with the Board and staff to develop suitable practices to ensure timely forecasting and accurate reporting of cashflows and budgets, while ensuring that adequate safeguards are created and maintained to ensure our fiduciary responsibilities to members and donors are maintained. It is my belief that by establishing policies and practices that are in accordance with accounting standards, TLC will be able to rebuild relationships and get back to focusing on its visionary core of protecting sacred places for all to enjoy.
Other Organizations: Director, UpCycle the Gyres (2013); Board Member/Chair Awareness and Development – Greater Victoria Police Victims Services (2010-12); Past President/Public Relations Director of the Vancouver Island Project Management Institute Chapter (2005-06). Current/past member of the World Parrot Trust, World Wildlife Fund and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

 Frances Sloan Sainas

Occupation: Retired Educator, former manager in the hospitality industry.
Involvement with TLC: My relationship with TLC began in 2001 when I was working at the Open Learning Agency and completing my Masters Degree in Leadership and Training at Royal Roads University. TLC sponsored my major project, Building an Educational Strategy for TLC. Since 2001, I have been an active member, TLC Lower Mainland Committee representative and financial supporter of TLC.
Interest and Vision for TLC: The time has come to offer my skills, knowledge and time to help TLC explore and find a new, sustainable direction that is grounded in the organization’s founding principles and values. I offer the TLC Board a variety of perspectives from TLC member, TLC donor and DIP (Debtor in Protection) funder during the CCAA Process. I believe in prudent fiscal management with an open and transparent review of risk and financial expenditures. With the guidance of the TLC Board and the work of the devoted TLC staff, I believe TLC will resolve the challenges of the past and find a new direction for the future.
I applaud the past and especially the current TLC Board members for their perseverance and efforts to navigated the organization through very difficult and troubled waters.

 Tom Watson – Co-Chair

Occupation: Investment Advisor / Father
Skills, knowledge and/or experience: I have a good knowledge of finances, and have served as both Chair and Secretary for the Gorge View Housing Society. I am also a volunteer coach with Doncaster, Reynolds and Lakehill Soccer.
Interest and Vision for TLC: I have a lifeteme belief in working to support the environment and protect special places. I want to work to help TLC be on a stronger financial footing through an increase in its membership and profile.
Involvement with TLC: I have been a member of TLC for the last year.
Other Organizations: Currently working with the Lakehill Soccer Association.