The Land Conservancy respects your privacy and fully complies with all applicable privacy legislation.  Personal information collected kept secure and confidential, and is used only to deliver our services to you, conduct our legal operations and to keep you informed about the activities of TLC and TLC Enterprises.

TLC does not sell, trade or share any personal information collected with any third party, except as required by law, or in respect of specific transactions with the full knowledge and consent of the individual(s) involved.

To see a copy of TLC’s Privacy Policy click here.

Clarification of TLC’s Privacy Policy

There has been some recent confusion with respect to the status of TLC’s privacy policy as a result of a Supreme Court decision regarding access to the Membership List. The result of this is that TLC’s privacy policy remains the same. For further explanation of this clarification, please click here.

To see the text of the Supreme Court decision, please click here.