Volunteers are the lifeblood of TLC.  Without our many talented and enthusiastic volunteers, we simply could not function.  Volunteers are integrated into all aspects of our operations, from our Board of Directors to our office workers, from our tea room and gift shop staff to our gardeners, from our legal and real-estate advisors to our field crews.

As much as it is a membership-based organization, TLC is also a volunteer-based organization.  The fundamental principle underlying our volunteer program is that we want to provide the means for our supporters to be able to participate directly in the success of their organization.  We work very hard to match our volunteers’ needs and interests to the work they do – to make sure that they can get the greatest satisfaction from their contribution.

For more information regarding volunteer opportunities, you can contact us by emailing admin@conservancy.bc.ca or call (250) 479-8053.

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