TLC Partners

The Land Conservancy works in partnership with many groups, organizations, agencies, corporations, governments and individuals.  We believe that by sharing our skills and resources with one another, and by pooling our energies, we can accomplish far more than any of us could alone.

We participate in many coalitions and partnerships, both formal and informal.  They are listed below:

The International National Trusts Organisation
TLC is a member of the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO), which is an international network of National Trusts and similar non governmental organisations, globally diverse but united by a shared commitment to conserving and sustaining our shared heritage – built and natural, tangible and intangible. For more information visit their website For information about the International Conference of National Trusts please visit

The National Trust
TLC is modeled after the National Trust in Britain.  During our early development years, staff at the National Trust have been a tremendous help in providing guidance and advice.  We have also established a staff exchange program, in which staff from each organization can be seconded to work, train and learn with the other.  TLC has arranged for our Warden and Regional Manager from Vancouver Island to work with the National Trust, and a NT Regional Manager will be working with TLC in the Spring.
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Land Trust Alliance of BC
The Land Trust Alliance of British Columbia provides education, research and support services which strengthen the objectives of land trusts, conservancies, and other agencies, organizations and individuals dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of our natural and cultural heritage.  Bill Turner is the past chairperson of the LTA.
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Land Trust Alliance (US)
Founded in 1982, the Land Trust Alliance seeks to double the pace of land conservation in the United States. As the national leader of the private land conservation movement, LTA promotes voluntary land conservation across the country, provides resources, leadership, and training to the nation’s 1,200-plus nonprofit, grassroots land trusts and helps them to protect important open spaces.  TLC has been a member of the Land Trust Alliance for several years.
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Heritage Legacy Program
This program is a partnership between TLC, the Heritage Society of B.C. and the provincial Heritage Branch.  It is still under development, but will provide support and leadership for the conservation of place heritage in British Columbia.

Ecoforestry Institute of Canada
The Ecoforestry Institute is a partner in Merve Wilkinson’s Wildwood Project.  The mission of the Institute is to foster the development of a forest management system which values, protects and promotes ecological integrity, community vitality and economic opportunity.  Ecoforestry practices maintain intact forest ecosystems while providing for harvest within ecological limits.  It is adaptable to the inclusion of ecological, cultural, heritage, scenic, recreational, wildlife and fisheries values and objectives.
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South Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Program
The South Okanagan-Similkameen Conservation Program has been developed to focus conservation efforts to maintain the natural systems and the great variety of plant and animal species that exist within the South Okanagan-Similkameen area. The Conservation Program is a partnership of more than 30 conservation groups and government agencies who are working in this critical area.  Bill Turner is currently the chairperson of SOSCP, and our regional staff are integrally involved in its operations.
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East Kootenay Conservation Program
Since early 2002, 30 groups and agencies have joined together in the East Kootenay to develop and implement a strategy to promote habitat and ecosystem management for private land that complements management of Crown land in the region. The participating organizations have pooled their expertise to take a common approach to land conservation, establishing a network through the East Kootenay Conservation Program.  Our Kootenay regional office is integrally involved with the operations, and both Regional Manager Kathleen Sheppard and Bill Turner are on the Board.
For more information: please contact TLC’s Kootenay regional office in Kimberley, click here.

Pacific Coast Joint Venture
As part of the North American Waterfowl Management plan, the Pacific Coast Joint Venture brings together the major land trusts and government agencies in British Columbia and the Pacific U.S. States to coordinate bird conservation initiatives. Bill Turner is a member of the Board.
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Canadian Intermountain Joint Venture
A newly-formed Joint Venture, also part of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, this initiative focuses on the coordination of bird habitat conservation in B.C.’s interior.  It involves mostly the same partners as the PCJV.  Bill Turner was one of the founding directors, and our North region director Barry Booth is currently on the Board.
For more information: please contact TLC’s North regional office in Prince George, click here.

Grasslands Conservation Council
Established as a society in August 1999, and then as a Registered Charity in December 2001, the Grasslands Conservation Council of British Columbia (GCC) is a strategic alliance of organizations and individuals, including government, range management specialists, ranchers, agrologists, grasslands ecologists, First Nations, environmental groups, recreationists and grassland enthusiasts. This diverse group shares a common commitment to education, conservation and stewardship of BC’s grasslands.  TLC Board Member Bob Peart is the past chairperson of GCC, Nichola Walkden is currently secretary and Bill Turner is a member of the Board.
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Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team
The Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team (GOERT) was established following the First International Garry Oak Meadow Symposium, held in Victoria, BC, in May 1999.  It brings together 25 partners representing land trusts and other conservation organizations, all levels of government, First Nations, academics, and private businesses to provide direction for protecting, sustaining, and restoring Garry oak ecosystems.
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Pacific Estuary Conservation Program
TLC joined the Pacific Estuary Conservation Program in 2002.  The PECP includes representatives from BC’s 4 major land trusts – TLC, Ducks Unlimited Canada, the Nature Trust of BC and the Nature Conservancy of Canada – along with the Province of BC the Government of Canada.  It has built a successful partnership that has focuses the individual skills and finances of its members to conserve significant estuaries along Canada’s west coast for long-term sustainable use.

Georgia Basin Action Plan
Between 1998 and 2002, significant progress was made through the Georgia Basin Ecosystem Initiative on key environmental issues.  Over the next five years, the Georgia Basin Action Plan will build on this progress, and strengthen the collective capacity to protect and restore ecosystem health while working cooperatively to provide economic opportunities and enhance human well-being.  This work implemented by a coalition of the Federal and Provincial governments, along with many conservation organizations in the Georgia Basin.
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